Yoga video

SQUATTING to ARM BALANCES: The squatting series strengthens the legs. Then use the lift of utkatasana to give you momentum for the arm balances: Malasana, utkatasana, pasasana, parsva bakasana + eka pada koundinyasana. SUZI CARSON Iyengar yoga teacher Four Winds Yoga Ponsonby, Auckland, NZ Music credit: Moby - Natural Blues

ELASTIC STRAP - Using YOGA ARTS elastic strap hooked on the back heel of the foot, helps to draw back the shoulder and arm as you extend into the standing poses. The strap stops the spine from collapsing as it extends laterally and in rotation.

SALUTES: Surya Namaskar - salute to the sun. 2 series - with salutes, with jumps. Like it's name - practice on the dawn and/or sunset.

BIRD POSES: Uttanasana to Titibhasana using YOGAARTSNZ wood blocks to give you additional lift. I know this energises as it was early morning and I was tired beforehand .. But not afterwards!

CHAMBERING: It seems appropriate on ANZAC DAY to practice chambering - place (a bullet) into the chamber of a gun... Metaphorically it represents holding the energy in - releasing when appropriate - containment.

YOGA JOES:  It seems appropriate on ANZAC DAY to follow yogaartsnz YOGA JOES. Practicing on manduka super ekolite mat from w: 

DROP BACKS: Tamar Munch shows first stage of dropping back from sirsasana into viparita dandasana and back again, holding the bench the whole time. YOGA ARTS NZ yoga equipment -

DROP BACKS #2: Suzi is dropping back from sirsasana into viparita dandasana, lifting out through unshaven dhanurasana. Cork block gives additional height to the hips. YOGA ARTS yoga equipment : FOUR WINDS YOGA yoga school ponsonby Auckland NZ:

ELASTIC STRAP: front leg. Moving through the standing asanas with the containment of YOGA ARTS elastic yoga strap; that stretches as you find full elongation. This has to be experienced to understand its effectiveness. 

ELASTIC STRAP:  Back leg. Using elastic yoga strap - this series becomes more difficult the tighter the strap. 3 months of using the elastic yoga strap will tone the muscles of the inner arms and inner legs. 

WARRIOR SERIES: combined with the salutes. Using cork blocks helps keep it light and improves the lunges.

SUZI CARSON yoga series Balance + Strength + Extension

ARM STRENGTHENING: Practicing on YOGA ARTS cork blocks for additional lift: Chaturanga Dandasana, Urdhva Mukha Svanasana, CD, Bhujangasana, UMS, Adho Mukha Svanasana, Uttanasana